Photo Assistants 1st, 2nd, 3rd

If you are a Photo Assistant in the Chicago area and want to be listed on this page, please contact us.

1st Assistant

Experience level is the highest.  You are familiar with just about all lighting sources on the market, familiar with just about all grip gear and nomenclature associated with the job.  You are able to handle jobs by yourself if needed and able to anticipate and communicate photographers needs while being to direct 2nd and 3rd assistants.

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Name Telephone Website
Derick Smith 773-209-7028 N/A
Andrew Fillmore 503-804-5099
Craig Bender 219-608-2854 N/A
CJ Zimmerman 309-825-9526
Tim Blokel 708-837-7952
Bob Wolgemuth 312-925-9759 N/A
John Jennings 630-853-4120
Alison Boshert-Downs 513-519-9794
Ryan Bringas 630-864-7209
Naomi Chu 773-817-1626
Scott Curtis 312-656-9687 N/A
Aaron Fulnecky 574-536-3324 N/A
Will Hartman 480-324-6261
Mark J. Doddato 708-207-0366
Evan Barr 269-330-4615
Brent Misner 773-895-0163 N/A
Sheri Flynn 312-307-0441
Kristie Kahns 312-217-4261
Donte Tatum 312-399-4330 N/A
A J Kane 312-848-7376 N/A
Thomas Vangel 773-301-2222
Travas Machel 724-350-9858
Ben Speckmann 312-909-8826 N/A
Jon Wes 407-461-6113
John M. Ruzich 219-308-5069
Courtney Rader 937-304-3205 N/A
Jose M. Necerra 512-484-2401
Nathanael Filbert 312-504-9795
Joanna Baum 312-576-2452
Austin M. Sosa 805-722-8085
Lucas Anti 562-522-0828 N/A
Josh Darr 773-727-8845 N/A
John Stock 973-650-3215
Nathan Steinbach 815-440-7407
Justin Butzen 630-388-9772
Robert Carani 312-469-0620
Luke Schneider 847-226-3613
Elizabeth Monge 773-414-4659
Josh P. Groth 262-573-0321
Marina Paul 872-232-9367
Amilcar Cabrera 917-519-6476
Josué Briones 616-295-7198
Eric Rejman 312-919-1243
Ben Weston 269-254-0880
Dylan Sosso 817-908-3578
Camila Cediel 312-982-5624

2nd Assistant

Medium experience.  You have worked on jobs previously as a third assistant and are familiar with popular lighting sources, grip gear and nomenclature.  If called upon, you would be able to 1st assist if necessary.

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Name Telephone Website
Kevin Serna 224-587-5755
Jacob King 312-719-2250
Mike K. Hammond 216-280-9143
Rachel Aka 269-519-3831
Matthew Kutz 414-940-8375 N/A
John Laning 773-801-8171 N/A
Rick Majewski 602-705-7008
Christopher Semel 407-756-0441
Jeff Catt 281-732-5407
Will Nunnally 757-660-9256
Carlos Soria 773-746-6979 N/A
Brandon Farrington 440-334-7098
Chris Drake 540-320-8255 N/A
Michael R. Schmidt 847-769-3945
Whitney Hsieh 630-742-1574
Denny Chan 312-622-7167
Sam Phillipe 217-891-9433 N/A
Ben Pegram 630-306-1311
Powell Jordano 773-899-5376
Olivia Kohler 734-945-9867
Brittany Purlee 812-279-0699
Josh Beavers 864-607-0903
Se Collier 502-298-8654
Brandon Fields 312-505-4028
Anthony Soave 773-451-5437
Christopher Marrs 630-276-8922
Krysta Williams 773-343-5938
Jonathan Samaniego 813-898-7375
Dan Herman 609-200-1237
Erica Jones 618-401-2404 N/A
Bradley Danner 772-485-3450
Carrie Lejjena 417-813-9570 N/A
Ryan Schorr 847-508-3519
Jennifer Guitian 715-556-9087
Scarlett Strickland 313-434-7595
Matt Schwerin 815-985-9570
Alessandro Medici 312-576-4500
Daniel Gamez 773-957-4782 N/A
Sean Kennedy 312-399-1202
Braulio Fonseca 727-742-5315 N/A
Adriana Keech 810-449-3497
Mike Hari 773-844-7448
Nathan Bieneman 224-517-3924

 3rd Assistant

Low experience.  You are breaking into the field or have assisted on some photo jobs.  You are learning the ins and outs of the profession and are able to take direction from 1st or 2nd assistants.  The positions are continually requested if there is no 2nd assistant and will work directly for the 1st assistant.

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4th Assistant

Willing to hustle and run for things.  Able to retrieve items as requested and does not need to be kept on a short leash.  Responds well to given commands by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Assistants.  The fourth assistants bark is never worse than their bite.

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Stache and Charlotte
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