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Profoto Pro 11 is here and ready to rent!

Profoto Pro 11  is here and ready to rent! Profoto Pro 11 Profoto is back with their newest and most powerful addition to their Pro line up: the Profoto Pro 11. As usual [...]

Profoto B10 Plus Two-Head Kit

If there’s one takeaway on the B10 Plus it’s this: small light, big power. The B10 Plus may be the size of a large camera lens, but its light output is huge at 500Ws. Combine [...]

  • Profoto B1 Rental

Profoto B1

Profoto B1 ProGear is excited to introduce Profoto’s brand-new TTL, B1 500 battery monolight. The B1 gives you reliable battery power, precision control, and, best of all, it lets you run TTL through your compatible [...]

  • Profoto D2 Featured

Profoto D2

Profoto D2 With the Profoto D2, you’re always up to speed. Available in either 500 or 1000Ws and a 10 stop range, you can shoot a quick burst of up to 20 [...]

  • Profoto Pro10

Profoto Pro-10

Profoto Pro-10 Introducing the World's Fastest Flash! The Profoto Pro-10 is the perfect fusion of breathtaking speed and incredible power. Freeze a moment perfectly at 1/80,000 of a second, experience record-breaking recycling time [...]

  • Profoto Event

Profoto Event

Profoto Event Introducing the Profoto Pro-10 and D2 during the Profoto Event at ProGear Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 ProGear, 1740 W. Carroll Ave, Chicago 312-376-3770 On the docket for Tuesday, January 17th [...]