ProGear Chicago - How We Treat our Customers

The only thing better than our

rental gear selection…

is how we treat our customers.

While it’s true we put every effort into providing the widest range of still and motion equipment possible, the cornerstone of our business is our attention-to-detail approach to customer service. From throwing in extra batteries to loading up your car, we’re passionate about caring for our customers. We’ve even been known to answer calls well after-hours, just to handle those last-minute questions and make sure you’re all dialed in. As professional photographers ourselves, we know that’s the kind of support that takes your rental experience – and your shoot – from good to great, and it’s our goal to provide you that type of experience time and again.

Our Staff

ProGear opened its doors in 2008 as Chicago’s only professional rental house that focused exclusively on rentals. “We wanted to create a boutique business that had rentals as its sole focus, so we could be as agile and helpful as possible for our customers and their needs,” said ProGear co-founder, Pete Biasotti. And now, more than ten years and 25,000 invoices later, that focus still stands strong.

ProGear - Pete


Around since day 1, Pete is the main man at ProGear. Having been in the photo industry since 1975, he not only has a deep understanding of photo and video products old and new (with a keen interest in lighting and flash photography), but he also takes customer service to a whole new level. Test him…there’s rarely a problem Pete can’t fix.

ProGear - Roy


With 38 years experience in professional photography — both as a freelancer and in retail — Roy can seriously drop some knowledge. But if there’s one area that Roy is extra passionate about, it’s large format — everything from product shots to room scenes. Oh, and studio flash…it’s his thing.

ProGear - Fons


If you need technical help, Fons is your guy. Not only is he up on the latest changes with Phase One and Profoto, but his highly technical background in commercial photography makes him equally well-versed in lighting and modifiers, both in-studio and out. (And technically speaking? His name’s Alfonso.)

ProGear - Ben


The youngest of the group, Ben may look a little wet behind the ears, but don’t let that fool you — his industry expertise runs deep. With a bachelor’s in cinematography from Columbia College and four years in the field shooting music videos, concerts, and short films, Ben is the go-to resource for anything video. (Or Canon, just ask.)

ProGear Chicago - Giant Ball of Tape

Ten Years Worth of Rentals Delivered (and we’ve got the giant ball of tape to prove it!)

From the very first package we shipped, we’ve used bright red Gaffers tape to label the rental equipment inside each box. But when that first rental order was returned, we had an important question on our hands: what do we do with the tape?

Instead of sending it to the landfill, we decided to ball it up..and have continued to wrap the ball with more and more tape with every subsequent order returned. Our “Ball-o-Tape” has grown from a sphere no larger than a kiwi to the behemoth that lives on our shipping shelf today. This brightly colored beauty is a glowing example of the countless orders that have been sent and returned back to us at 1740 W. Carroll Ave.

ProGear Chicago - Ball of Tape Fun FactsThe Giant Ball-O-Tape Fun Facts

Current Weight: 78 lbs.

Total Amount of Tape: 54 Rolls

Last Updated: 8/16/19