Spring Cleaning Continues – SALE!

Okay, you really won’t believe this… We’re still spring cleaning! 

And we found more Deals.

Take a look!

So Steve was in the warehouse looking for his cat and uncovered more great gear to move out. Some of it is new and some is being retired from our rental inventory. One thing for sure – the deals are exceptopnal and they won’t last long. Take a look at the list below. Limited to quantities on hand. Turns out his cat was where it’s always been – sleeping on the pedistal at the front door.

We often rotate our gear in order to keep up with the latest products on the market. As always, all items are in great condition and have been checked to make sure they’re in tip-top shape. So…if you’re ready to add to your photo gear — or you’ve rented a particular item a few times and think it’s time to officially make it yours — check out the listings below to see what’s available!

To get more information on any of our equipment, give us a call at 312.376.3770 or stop on by. 


Arri Tungsten Lighting (used)

Arri Lighting Kit    $525.00

Includes: one 300W light with barn doors, two 650W lights with barn doors, 

three light stands and an Arri case.

Arri 300w Fresnel w/barn doors and bulb    $125.00

Arri 1000w (Open Face) w/bulb    $175.00

Arri T2 2000w Fresnel w/barn doors and bulb   $750.00

Hard Travel Case for Arri S-60    $225.00


Kino flo Lighting (used)

Kino Flo Diva (w/4-tungsten and 4-daylight bulbs)    $400.00

Kino Flo Tegra (w/4-tungsten and 4-daylight bulbs)    $450.00


Chimera Video Pro Softboxes (used)

– Video Pro Box are used with tungsten bulbs up to 1000 watts

– Video Boxes have a silver interior

– All Chimera Softboxes require a speedring

Video Pro  XS (16×22)    $95.00

Video Pro Small (24×32)    $125.00

Video Pro Medium (36×48)    $175.00

Video Pro Large (54×72)    $250.00



Chimera Pro Silver Interior Softbox ES for Flash (used)

– Silver interior

– Designed for strobe heads

– All Chimera softboxes require a speedring.

Small (24×32) Silver    $125.00

Medium (36×48) Silver    $175.00

Large (54×72) Silver    $225.00

Small Striplight (9×36) Silver    $125.00

Medium Striplight (14×56) Silver    $175.00


Chimera Shallow Softboxes (used)

All Chimera Softboxes require a speedring.

Small (24×32) Shallow    $125.00

Medium (36×48) Shallow    $175.00



Fiilex LED Lighting (Used)

Q500 AC LED Head w/Case    $295.00

Includes diffuser dome, barndoor, fresnel lens, power cord, & case.


3 Head Travel Kit     $495.00

Includes 3-P360 EX LED Heads, 3-ballasts w/power cords, 

3-fresnel lenses, 3 barndoors, 3-7’ light stands & case.


4-Head Travel Kit    $495.00

Includes 2-P360 EX LED Heads, 2-P180 EX LED Heads, 2-P360

barndoors, 2-P180 barndoors, 4-ballasts w/power cords, 4-7’ light stands & case.



Lowel Lighting (used)

Lowel 3 Head RIFA Kit   $275.00

Kit includes, bulbs, stands and case

Lowel 4 Head DP Kit w/BD, Stands   $275.00

Kit includes, bulbs, stands and case

Lowel 4 Head Tota-Light Kit   $275.00

Kit incluides bulbs, stands, 2 umbrellas and case



Lighting Accessories Galore! (New & used)

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6” Polished Umbrella Reflector for Aputure – NEW $29.95

20° Grid for 7” Reflector – NEW    $19.95

30° Grid for 7” Reflector – NEW    $19.95

40° Grid for 7” Reflector – NEW    $19.95

Set of 3, 7” Grid Set (20°, 30°, 40°) – NEW    $49.95

Set of 4, 7” Grid Set (20°, 40°, 50°, 60°) – NEW    $69.95

11” reflector w/Profoto Mount – NEW    $129.00

60° Grid for 11” reflector (listed above) – NEW    $129.00

10° Grid for 11” reflector (listed above) – NEW    $139.00

Profoto Beauty Dish – White – USED   $225.00

Tenba Case for Profoto Beauty Dish – USED    $100.00


Camera Accessories (New & used)

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Hasselblad H Series 16mm Ext Tube – USED    $125.00

Hasselblad H Series 26mm Ext Tube – USED    $175.00

Hasselblad H-Release Cord – USED    $50.00

Phase One XF Body Power Supply – USED    $95.00

Mamiya 645AF Focusing Screen – NEW    $50.00

Mamiya 645AF Ext Tube NA403 – USED   $150.00