LiteGear LiteMat Spectrum Kits

The LiteMat Spectrum offers everything you’ve been dreaming about in a studio lighting system: it’s incredibly bright, lightweight and portable, and its format allows you plentiful options to create the lighting effects you need to enhance your shoots.



Plus, it’s got…

• Full color capabilities: it can augment its white-light output, offering 360 pure accent colors that can be added with 100 shades of saturation

• Kelvin temperature adjustment: it’s built upon the foundation of the Cinema Series color-space, with an added red, green, blue, and amber to augment the cinema chips and extend the systems CCT abilities from 2000K to 11,000K

• Plus/minus green: it provides adjustable color correction for green or magenta hues

• Full spectrum desaturation: it uses the best full spectrum, color correct, and white-balanced white light to desaturate color, beautifully

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Why we love it? Take it from Ben…

  • It’s incredibly bright like the previous Litemat S2 but offers RGB color and saturation capability.
  • They’re lightweight like their predecessors and easy to rig in any situation. There are a variety of different sizes (1’x2’, 1’x4’, 2’x2’, 2’x4’) to fit the specific needs of your shoot.
  • They improve post-production workflows since they’re the first lighting system to be certified color space compliant. By setting the recording format in the dimmer (Rec. 709, Rec. 2020, etc.), Litemat will only produce color within that color space. That means no color noise and no data outside the specified gamut.
  • +/- 8 points of tint (plus/minus green) variation.



Each Litemat Spectrum Kit includes:

  • (1) LiteMat™ Spectrum, Head
  • (1) LiteMat™ PolySkirt™
  • (1) LiteMat™ Diffuser Set, Quarter, Half, and Full Grid
  • (1) LiteMat™ Parasquare® Louver
  • (1) LiteMat™ LiteMount™
  • (1) LiteMat™ KitBag™
  • (1) LiteDimmer Spectrum™ DC200, 200W DC Ballast
  • (1) LitePower™ Supply, 250W
  • (1) PDX Head Extension, 25 Feet
  • (1) Power Supply holder, kMount

Litemat Spectrum One Kit

Kit Rental Price: $125/day or $375/week

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Litemat Spectrum Two Kit

Kit Rental Price: $150/day or $450/week

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LiteMat Spectrum Two-L Kit

Kit Rental Price: $150/day or $450/week

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LiteMat Spectrum Four Kit

Kit Rental Price: $175/day or $525/week

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