Canon ID X Mark III Kits

The Canon ID X Mark III includes all the goodness you love about the ID X Mark II — plus a slew of new upgrades that really puts the camera on full blast. The most notable change of all is in the Mark III’s updated sensor. With 191 AF points and AF tracking that includes automatic face and head detection, the updated sensor gives an astonishing amount of detail and dynamic. Now more than ever before, you can push the ISO of the camera without worrying about how it’s affecting your image quality.

On the video side, one of the biggest new features is how many formats you now have to choose from when shooting, including a whopping 5.5K 12-bit RAW internally at up to 60 frames per second.

Two kits are available with different memory cards to accommodate a still shoot or a video shoot.

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Still Kit
Includes the Canon ID X Mark III body and two 64GB CFexpress Cards

Starting at $175.00 per day

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Video Kit
Includes the Canon ID X Mark III body and two 128GB CFexpress Cards

Starting at $195.00 per day

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Why we love it? Take it from Fons…

Battery Life
The battery life for still images is just under 3000 photos through viewfinder and 610 using live view — a significant improvement over the 1D X Mark II that had 1,210 through viewfinder and 260 through live view!

The new file type HEIF
HEIF supports up to 16-bit color, whereas all JPEGs are 8-bit. This helps you store twice the data as JPEG without increasing the file size. (This is a file format you may already be familiar with if you own an iPhone).

CFexpress (dual card slots)
You’ve still got two card slots, but now they’re CFexpress. The move to CFexpress gives photographers and videographers alike more room to test the limits of the camera due to its large storage and fast writing speeds, so you can shoot without fear of hitting the buffer.

Silent Mode
Take your pick of two “Silent Modes.” The first is similar to what was in the Mark II, which cuts the sound of the shutter actuation by 50%. The second allows you to set up the electronic shutter to capture an image silently while the camera is in Live View Mode. It’s a great addition for wedding shooters and people who are shooting behind the scenes stills on film sets.



Camera Specs:

Lens Mount: Canon EF

Camera Format: Full-Frame (1x Crop Factor)

Pixels: 21.4 Megapixel (actual); 20.1 megapixel (effective)

Maximum Resolution: 5472 x 3648

Aspect Ratio: 3:2

Sensor Type: CMOS

Sensor Size: 36 x 24 mm

Image File Format: JPEG, Raw, HEIF

Bit Depth: 14-BIt

Image Stabilization: Digital (video only)