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It's the new Logickeyboard for Capture One Pro 10


Keyboard Capture One page


Logickeyboard™ has produced the Phase One Capture One shortcut keyboard for Apple computers.  Works as a regular beyboard but with all of the shortcuts and features for Capture One Pro.  No more trying to remember which shortcut key is which key to hit; it's all at your finger tips.

This is perfect for an add-on keyboard for MacBook Pro laptop* or to replace the Mac Pro* digital capture station using Capture One Pro 10. Digi-Techs, increase efficiency and decrease click rates.

Call ProGear at 312-376-3770 or stop by for a hands-on to see how easy navigating Capture One Pro 10 has become.

In stock and on sale for $139




*USB configured, check and see if your computer is Thunderbolt 3, adapter may be required.

You are here: Home Phase One News