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ProGear Studio

The ProGear rental studio is backed by a large assortment of photographic equipment and supprt services for your studio shoot. All equipment rented for use in the studio must be reserved in advance and will be made available under our normal terms and conditions.

Special requests are no problem and will be handled promptly.

Studio Rental Rates

Daily 8AM - 6PM, Monday through Friday                          $600 per day

Half Day Rental - Maxiumum 5 hours Monday - Friday      $400 per day

Weekday Overtime  (OT Starts at 6:10pm)                          $100 per hour

Weekend Rentals are available upon request and special pricing


If available, you may use the studio for pre-lighting and prep at no charge after 3PM the day prior to your shoot.  You may guarantee this time by renting it at the Half Day rate from 1PM to 6PM.

Use of Cyclorama

The "cyc" is part of the studio rental fee.  With a full day rental it will be freshly painted white upon request, for 1/2 day rentals a painting fee of $75 applies.

Booking the Studio

A deposit of 50% of the rental will be due at the time of reservation to guarantee the studio for the dates reserved.

Studio Amenities

1200 Sq. Ft Shooting area  -  12 ft. Ceilings  -  Cyclorama  -  Hi Speed Private Wireless  -  Sound System  -  Kitchen  -  Free Parking!!   




You are here: Home Studio Rental